Increased security in Hardcover Chapter 4 Dungeon? SPOILERS

Curse of the Crimson Throne

Hey guys,

My party made it to the battle with Koriantu and Cinnabar and a whole host of assassins during the assault on Deathhead Vault before deciding to leave due to a player death and severe injuries. Koriantu perished, but Mogmora and Cinnabar both survived.

What modifications should I make to the second visit? I was planning on having Cinnabar return to the castle to be reprimanded by Kayltanya and eventually fight alongside her later in the story, while perhaps keeping Mogmora there as he is entrusted to watch the area as part of Planar Ally. How can I "heighten security" besides adding some more mooks in the rooms that they've already cleared and maybe having the Grey Maidens be super prepared for the coming assault?

Thanks, any advice is appreciated!

Grand Lodge

Personally I would leave Cinnabar there, she needs to redeem herself still.

Create a couple tougher than usual grey maidens, maybe call them sergeants or some such title. Add some more mocks because that is the logical thing to do. The powers that be will obviously retake the rooms and shore up the defenses, like add a couple traps. I would also create a bottle neck, to funnel the party into a killing box. A sorcerer with some battlefield control spells works for this, lots of walls (fire, ice and force work great, stone is a little to permanent)to make those funnels and kill box. Keep the sorcerer airborne and greater invisibility on.

Of course, this would all depend on what the party has for resources and skill level, you do not want to make it too deadly.

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