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Was reading through the campaign clarifications, and under Legacy of Dragons there are two conflicting entries for page 4.
"... you gain DR/ piercing or slashing."
"... you gain DR/ piercing and slashing."

With or it would mean either one works. The and would mean that a weapon must be doing both types to bypass DR.

Given and would effectively give DR/— (does anyone have a hurlbat?), I would assume or is correct.

Second, for page 22
"A drake rider gains skill points as indicated in the skills section on page 22, not as indicated in the table on page 23. Drakes that do not raise their intelligence scores gain 3 hit points per HD."

A Drakerider is an archetype presented on page 24. Don't understand the presence of 'rider' above (I assume this is simply an error).

I don't understand the final part at all. What it seems to be saying is that, so long as the drake remains stupid with it's starting Int of 4 and never boosting it through any means (typically through the ability boost every 5 levels) it has more HP, and that as soon as its intelligence increases, that bonus HP is lost.
No part of that line seems to be mentioned in the book in any way, and it doesn't seem consistent with general Pathfinder rules.
I can't think of any other situation where higher Int equals lower HP.

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Thanks for bringing these discrepancies and errors to my attention. On page 4, you're right that the PDF version is correct, and the DR should be "or", rather than "and".

The entry for page 22 should refer to drake companions rather than drake riders, and the last line should say "Drakes that do not raise their Intelligence scores gain 3 skill points per HD."

Well, skill points makes somewhat more sense, but still seems backwards for more or less the same reasons. 1 point in Intelligence and it loses a full half of its skill points which it can't possibly regain without magical bonuses.

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