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Gearing up for adventure can be complicated. You have to find a suit of armor that offers you the right balance of protection, flexibility, and weight, and sort through a list of hundreds of options to find the deadliest weapon that suits your skills. Then, you have to pick a different weapon, because the weapon you actually wanted is too expensive for you to afford for three more levels.

But no longer. With Adaptive Armory, you can keep one weapon with you a whole campaign, upgrading and modifying it as you go. It could even be one you designed and built yourself! With dozens of weapons styles and classifications, and dozens more traits, using the Adaptive Armory there are at least 60,000 weapons! And that's discounting the new, clarified rules for weapon fusions and things like alternate-fire modes (which easily could lead to a hundred million permutations)!

There's armor too! With plenty of options for custom armor that you can upgrade yourself, there are well over a thousand unique suits of armor you could create. Plus, a versatile system for fusion-like armor upgrades, as well!

And did I mention that there's an appendix with nearly seven hundred pre-built weapons and armors ready to use?

You can get Adaptive Armory on DriveThruRPG here, for only 2$!


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