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I searched this forum and the GenCon event listing and I don't see any Pathfinder Playtest events. Is that correct or am I missing something?

They are still asking people to run playtests at Gencon. The request to devote some slots to the playtest only came out a couple of weeks ago.

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There will also be Playtest quests Gmed all weekend at GenCon in the Demo Hall. They’re not part of the regular program, but people will get to wait in line to try out a quest and get a quick taste of the Playtest.

I anticipate a lot of Playtest events at the Sag, too. They’ll be basing scheduling on ticket sales.


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Um, I put a bunch of them on my wishlist just today. Search the event listing for "Pathfinder 2e" and there are three different scenarios several times a day.

They didn't appear until last night sometime, though, so if you looked earlier that's why you didn't see them.

Edit: I see after posting that you were looking on Saturday. Try again now.

There will be playtest at Gencon. I was just slotted to run one.

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