Swapping Lysalla for Lammashtu?

Rise of the Runelords

My group is going to roll initiative for Stones Over Sandpoint tomorrow, and looking ahead in Book 4 and beyond I am considering switching the Lamias from following Lammashtu to Lysalla. Thinking this will increase the feeling of old mysteries returning, and remove the confusion that maybe Lammashtu is behind all this.

Anyone else considered this switch or want to tell me why it's a bad idea?

I always got the sense that Lammashtu got stuck being the bridesmaid instead of the bride in this AP and a few others. So, swapping her with someone else isn’t going to impact much - her schemes and her followers don’t really have a great impact despite being mentioned several times. If you think it will add to your players’ experience, go for it.

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I did consider the switch, except in my case they followed Mammon instead. Likewise, Avaxial was also in service to Mammon before getting sucked away with his rival.
The way I'm portraying it, Sorshen was the one to court certain kinds of demons, Alaznist contacted qlippoth to demand they show up and harm her enemies, and Mammon bet on his own Runelord.
Lysalla's also a good choice, especially if your players want to continue on in Shattered Star.

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Nope, didn't think of it, good idea. Wish I'd thought of it earlier myself. It would have made more sense, and would have made some of the stuff throughout the campaign a little more cohesive, especially how the first chapter links into the rest.

This type of change makes the first chapter a side effect of things happening and removes the link of Lamashtu and Karzoug, which is a little weird. Mammon is a pretty decent choice too if you'd like to add in some deviltry and maybe remove some of the Lovecraftian aspects.

I'm considering making Lamashtu a "third point" in the protagonist-antagonist relationship. Clearly she's evil as heck, but over the course of the campaign I'd get the sense that she wouldn't be too keen on her children and followers being converted to essentially greed-worship. I could see some parties actually forming an unlikely alliance with some of her followers in order to "free her children" from the Big Bad's thrall.

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