Mechanic Drone -- Can Mending 'heal' them?

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Does mending act as a healing spell on mechanics' drones?

I've heard it discussed 3 ways:
1) Yes, they're constructs and perhaps it's even designed for them

2) No, they exceed the bulk limitations of mending

3) Sometimes -- it might work on small, spy drones, but not on larger drones

I tend to like option #1, but I'd like to know if there's a clear answer, especially for organized play.

Option #3 sounds terrible since it would likely drive everyone to smaller drones.

I do 1.
It is a 1d4 anyways

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I agree with Gustavo. It's a level 0 spell that heals 1d4 HP once a day. A mechanic who selects Repair Drone as their first Mechanic Trick (which I suspect will be very popular), will be outpacing that immediately, and even one who doesn't will be able to hit right around the average of mending at the same level. This is hardly gamebreaking.

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Oh, I certainly don't think it's game-breaking, but the spell description confuses the issue with its max bulk comment.

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Expect table variation.

I expect almost all drones are larger than one bulk, yet the spell description specifically mentions working on constructs.

At least it is clear that Make Whole works since it says:

Make Whole wrote:
Targets one object of up to 1 bulk/level or one construct of any size

Until it is clarified, I plan to allow it at my tables as a GM. As has been noted, it is once a day.

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For the bulk question, I consider repairs to a drone to be series of repairs to different components. Got a servo going out? You mend it but that arm will need extra work.

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That's a reasonable way of looking at it, though if the drone just took 15 damage, it probably has a whole bunch of parts that need repaired to amount to that 15 damage.

I don't think the bulk clause works for constructs

In the grand scheme of things 1d4 hp repaired once per day is not breaking anything so I would allow it.

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