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I'm joining a Strange Aeons game and figured I'd try an occultist with the stats I got. Thing is, the rest of the party is a damage powerhouse and healing is somewhat covered. I'm trying to build a support buff/debuff occultist but finding it kind of difficult with how everything is touch and short durations.

Any advice, or should I just move on to something else? If so, what's a decent support with these stats?

Stats were from Harrow Cards, so I can't change them
10 Str
10 Dex
13 Con
17 Int
15 Wis
12 Cha

Witch is a great Int-based caster that can handle debuffs and party support (including a bit of healing).

The Psychic is also a great Int-based caster with a lot to offer in utility, party support, and is very good at enemy debuffs. They're also great at info-gathering. I haven't played Strange Aeons, but from what I know about it, gleaning info is probably an important factor.

The Occultist is also great at info-gathering, and honestly has a lot of great tools to offer any group. Seeing as it's Strange Aeons, I think any Psychic class in general fits in perfectly.

Based off of the stats I would avoid the occultist and go caster. A witch with time or agility (for haste) is nice. Really you could get away with a evangelist cleric go heroism domain.

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