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As I wait as the Alternity 2017 RPG game comes together (core rule, starships and equipment supplements) I am already looking for ideas for what miniatures, gaming accessories and online resources I want to use when I run my first Alternity RPG Protostar campaign; this is just a partial list and suggestions are welcomed.

For this list I tried mainly to stay away from well known IPs like Star Wars, Star Trek, Warhammer 40K and other tabletop miniatures lines, focusing more on general purpose use where possible.

I will also be adding links for Sci-Fi campaign/world building articles and online resources soon.

Maps & Tiles:
Paizo’s Starfinder Flip-Map line
Paizo's Pathfinder Flip-Map line

0-hr Starship Miniatures
Shapeways Starships Miniatures

Miniatures; Pawns/Tokens:
Paizo’s Starfinder Pawns

Miniatures; Plastic/Metal:
Reaper Bones
Reaper Chronoscope Sci-Fi
Shapeways Sci-Fi

Zombiecide Invader


VTT Support, Roll20:

VTT Support, Fantasy Grounds:

Sci-Fi Campaign & World Building Advice:

Sci-Fi Campaign & World Building Online Resources/Tools:

Kickstarter Battle Mat Book , this looks promising. I will add it to the list as it will have fantasy and sci-fi maps that offer a wide range of possible uses for a GM.

Alternity 2017 RPG link was not included in the OP, my bad for not noticing when I posted (and to late to edit the post).

ArcKnight's Flat Plastic Miniatures

Updated post to include the full line of products from ArkKnight, I especially like their Flat Plastic Miniatures as I have participated in both of their Kickstarter's and I am very happy with the minis I received. They complement my existing D&D and Pathfinder minis (tokens,pawns, pre-painted) nicely.

Update 5/02/18:

Wikipedia List of role-playing games by genre

Updated post to include the above wiki link as source of inspiration for GMs creating their own campaign settings.

Update 5/02/18:

5 Classic Types of Starship-Based Campaigns

Updated post to include this article for ideas of running a Sci-Fi campaign based on a starships, good ideas for a group of PCs with a mobile base of operations and freedom of movement.

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