Low Charisma Warrior Scholar, Help Please


I will be playing a Perfect Scholar Unchained Monk. Because the build is incredibly MAD, I will be dumping Charisma. The main thing that I am looking for is interesting ways to rp my low Charisma, although I would appreciate other advise as well.

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You could be either a very shy person entirely involved in your studies, barely looking up to answer the parties questions and who doesn't say a word as you fight your foes, or something like a stuck up snob who thinks anyone who is less than you in any field (knowledge or battle prowess or faith or anything) is somehow a total dolt.

Just some ideas, for sure more/better ways to do this.

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In my experience, playing characters with social anxiety sounds a lot funner in one's head, then at the table where you're either breaking character or not contributing.

If your low charisma displays itself through rudeness, you walk a precarious line. Blunt characters, deadpanners, narcissists and actively hurtful characters can all add to the fun of the game, properly roleplayed, they're hilarious. But they can also detract from the fun of the game. Quite a bit, actually. If you walk this path, walk it with caution.

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If I play a quite character I ask for my groups help. I still make suggestions but I instruct them to ignore that I have made them or to reframe the idea as their own. It's a pretty common "wallflower' type trope but it can be fun if you're into it and you get to still talk and contribute.

As a monk, you could speak in metaphors that are common in your faith and training and not understand why people don't understand your advice.

I actually have a level 5 investigator (empiricist) 1 swashbuckler who has a cha of 7 with a effective diplomacy of 12 then bluff to lie at 11. I play him as pretty insulting but makes a point hard for the other to argue. He has been pretty fun to play..had a female player try to make it look like we were hooking up when the guards were coming around and he floundered so badly. Then another player tried to meta game and tell me "Your diplomacy is so high, you should be leader" Only to have my character laugh at him and call him a fool

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