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I'm going to be running Starfinder for the first time in a few weeks, I've no doubt I'll need clarification on more than a few things but for now I just have one question.

One source or two I've seen suggested that spells don't use material components, though a number of spells seem to call this into question. Is this simply a case of specific trumps general? If so how do I know if the items outlined in the descriptions are consumed or not?

Um, which spells exactly? A cursory search of my core PDF says that there is no blanket entry for material components for SF's spells. I'd guess that it's specific trumps general, and then just read the spell and guess whether or not the materials are consumed.

The fireball clone requires a used battery. That sort of thing could get ugly if it's interpreted strictly and the buying rules are enforced legalistically.

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How is it a contradictions. Spells, in general, do not use material components ( or any other ). Specific spells may need specific ingredients, as defined by the specific spell.

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