Missing Community Use Products

Community Use

So I was looking through the community use products list and noticed a few items that aren't mentioned at all, in either section.

There's the full block here:
PZO9459 - PPC Dirty Tactics Toolbox
PZO9460 - PPC Heroes of the Streets
PZO9461 - PPC Occult Origins
PZO9462 - PPC Black Markets
PZO9463 - PPC Weapon Master's Handbook
PZO9464 - PPC Agents of Evil
PZO9465 - PPC Arcane Anthology
PZO9466 - PPC Blood of Shadows

PZO9000-11E - Shattered Star Player's Guide
PZO9000-12E - Reign of Winter Player's Guide
PZO9000-13E - Wrath of the Righteous Player's Guide
(and all players guides and interactive maps beyond, even though many of their respective Adventure Paths are listed)

PZO9282 - Giantslayer Poster Map Folio (Although later ones are available)

PZO92105 - PCS Taldor, the First Empire (even though every other chronicles/campaign setting book, except the last unreleased, is on the list)

A few others, but they're all at the end of their respective lists and in part unreleased.
PZO9486+ & PZO1139+ & PZO9500-8+

Also many PFS scenarios, most notably a gap starting with #6-17 then continuing with #7-00. Although my guess is there are campaign reasons for that.

(Okay, so maybe I went a little overboard with my "looking through" the list)

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