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Hi Having two problems with this order

1 Ive gotten a double email saying I've purchased it so just making sure I havent been charged twice

2 Cant seem to download it wont ive me a link on the product page and in my downloads it's a PDF for an entirly diffrent product it seems.

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Hi Kevin Mack,

1) It was only submitted and charged once. I'm not sure why the system sent two emails. Sorry for any confusion with that!

2) I've given the PDF a poke and hopefully it's showing up better for you now. Please let me know if it's not.


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Sadly still not showing up when I go to the download part on the product page also in my pdf download section a completly diffrent item shows up (Supposed to be shadows of Riventon # 1 a Page of scrolls but what appears in it's place is the PDF for Jacob's tower)

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