[Legendary Games] Ultimate Ships, Ultimate Factions, and Ultimate Evil!

5th Edition (And Beyond)

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It's a marvelous Monday for 5E and more from Legendary Games!

- Ultimate Ships (5E) is here, with 46 pages from shipboard combat to fleet battles, with simple and advanced ship-to-ship combat, spells and seafaring, sample ships, modifications, and more!

- Ultimate Factions (5E) is here as well, bringing organizations, influence, favors, clandestine operations, and more, and we are celebrating the nomination of Ultimate Factions (Pathfinder) as one of the Top Ten Products of 2017 (see Endzeitgeist's review here) by putting it on sale for just $2!

- The *free* Vile Primer (5E) is here too, with 17 pages of introductory material to give you a foretaste of the fantastic and fiendish Book of Exalted Darkness (5E), 414 pages of eviltastic excellence!

Check them all out and more coming soon!

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