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Sometime between sometime after gencon and now when my group and i decided to start playing Starfinder Society i seem to miss place my starfinder certs how would go about getting those replaced... played in the special think it was Claim to Salvation, a couple of differnt 1 hour parters from Starfinder Quest - Into the Unknown and Starfinder Society: #1-03: Yesteryear's Truth... i also had 2 boons... i don't have them listed on the site nor were they all in the gencon system but the special in my purchases and as i used gerneric ticket for them... any help would a great

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Happens all the time.

You'd have to talk to your local ish venture captain to try to get that resolved. If one doesn't wander into the thread you can give them a poke from here

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As BNW suggests, your local Venture Captain or RVC is your best option to replace the scenario chronicles. Or the GM of the tables you played can also replace the chronicles.

The convention boons you received may be more difficult to replace. If you recall which ones they were, you may find some of the kind and generous forum dwellers would be willing to give you replacements.

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I’m from southern Indiana...

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Moulini Tankard wrote:
I’m from southern Indiana...

Depending on how close you are to the border, you could always try one of the Ohio or Kentucky VO's if those areas are closer to you.

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Jasper... so about an hour from Louisville, Kentucky

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Heya - I got your message and will be dropping you a line in just a little bit. I'll be glad to help you out as best I can! :)

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