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Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, but I couldn't find anything searching the forums.

Does a Vesk using an unarmed strike with the Armored Storm Fighting style get to apply his racial weapon specialization to attacks made via Hammerfist?

The way I'm reading it is that the Vesk is making an unarmed attack, getting to count it as being armed (both via his fighting style and his natural weapons) and getting to use the weapon profile of the battlegloves, but it's still an unarmed strike, so wouldn't the Vesk get to apply his unique weapon specialization?

Curious if the fighting style would negate that racial bonus.

Thanks in advance for the insight!

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I do not believe so.

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Probably a question better suited for the Rules Forum.

I'll flag your post to be moved over there ^_^


I looks like no since you're treating your unarmed attack as a battle glove.

If it had only said that your unarmed attacks did the damage of a battle glove, then there'd be an argument, I believe.

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Vesk Natural Weapons:
"Vesk gain a unique weapon specialization with their natural weapons at 3rd level, allowing them to add 1–1/2 × their character level to their damage rolls for their natural weapons (instead of just adding their character level, as usual)."

Hammer Fist:

"You treat any unarmed attack you make while wearing heavy or powered armor as being made with a battleglove (see page 187) with an item level equal to or lower than your soldier level, and you calculate damage for these attacks as if you had the melee striker gear boost (see page 112). If you have the melee striker gear boost, you gain a +2 bonus to damage rolls with your unarmed attacks when using this ability. These unarmed attacks don’t benefit from other abilities that apply specifically to unarmed attacks (such as the Improved Unarmed Strike feat)."

The Vesk weapon specialization only applies to their natural weapons. Hammer First only applies to unarmed attacks, which Vesk natural weapons are not. So no they don't stack.

Even if you assume the Vesk natural weapons count as unarmed attacks, they don't stack because Hammer First specifically that it won't stack with other unarmed attack powers.

As someone with an Armor Storm Vesk Soldier, trust me when I say you don't need them to stack. You'll still do plenty of damage anyways.


The following is academic since we all agree the combination doesn't work but:

Natural Attack is a modification of unarmed attacks rather than a separate kind of attack (like in PF). Natural Attack makes unarmed attacks "armed" and non-archaic.

To the point at hand: you either choose to modify your unarmed attack with Natural Attack or Hammerfist and cannot have both.

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^ I agree with Blake's Tiger's explanation.

I think I like how Starfinder explains Natural Attacks/Unarmed Strikes, but to some people porting over from Pathfinder the distinction can get lost.


I have an Armor Storm Vesk Soldier, and I must concur that one cannot use both Hammer Fist and Natural Weapons simultaneously, because the Hammer Fist is effectively a weapon strike.

That said, I am soon going to grab up Improved Unarmed Strike (which IS usable with Natural Weapons), because the damage scales slightly better than Hammer Fist, and allows me to make Attacks of Opportunity even if I'm wielding a heavy weapon or an unwieldy doshko or something.

I'll still need to calculate Hammer Fist, though, because it's used in Smash Through.

Man, Armor Storm is such a cool spec. It is a little too bad that Hammer Fist urges you to crank your Strength as high as possible, but then it gives you Power Armor at 5th level... power armor that you're already stronger than. Maybe we'll get better options in the Armory book. I'm looking for something that has 22 Strength at 5th level, because a proper Armor Storm beater will have Str 21 by then (18 +2 personal upgrade +1 at 5th).

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