What is going on with my account?

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When I posted on the forums, instead of my name and avatar, my message had the name and avatar of Catharsis, instead of my own. It was to the character conversion section. To be precise, it was to the Arcana Unearthed to Pathfinder section.

Can you copy the url of that page and paste it here?

Helps staff if they know which page the problem occurred on.

Here is the link: http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2v1ff?Monte-Cooks-Arcana-Unearthed-to-PF-conver sion#4.


I see a post that says
For starters, I'd recommend that magisters be treated as a wizard archetype, and greenbonds probably would be a druid archetype.

Did you type and post that while you were signed in to your Morgan Champion account? Because I too see that as being posted by Catharsis, not you.

So do I. It seems that unless I reload the page and sign in as myself, anything I post seems to be posted by Catharsis.

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Looks like Catharsis also was making posts attributed to Morgan Chamption.

Post 1
Post 2

So, you are both reporting that your posts are showing up as by the other person. Short of you using the same (perhaps public) computer or somehow having the same email address, I can't think what weird thing would make this happen.

That is very strange and obviously something only Paizo can look into.

It's not just strange, it should be impossible- I live in New Zealand and I don't think I've ever met Catharsis. Plus I usually connect to Paizo.com on my home computer.

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