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I got a chronicle sheet at a con a few days ago that I'm only just now getting a chance to look at in detail. It's got an item with no cost listed. How is this resolved, in general?

In this particular case, the scenario was #5-15 Destiny of the Sands, part 2 and the item is

spellguard bracers.

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Spellguard Bracers are 5000gp. It lists the book and page you can find the item in, so you go by the book price. unless there's a deduction in price, specifically noted on the chronicle, you go by the book price.

So... how do I find out if there was a deduction that didn't get printed?

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It would specifically mention a discount for any given item. Case in point- Silverhex Chronicles, with the proper boon you get the Silverhex, a +1 Spell-storing alchemical silver sickle, for 2000 less then what it lists on the chronicle sheet.

Destiny of the Sands, pt.2 DOES NOT mention a discount for the Spellguard Bracers, hence- they cost 5000gp.

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Nekome wrote:
So... how do I find out if there was a deduction that didn't get printed?

The GM thread for the scenario would be the place to ask (or look for answers) for anything regarding the Chronicle.

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Heard someone at a Con' back in January arguing black-is-white that this "obviously" meant that the item was free...

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Yeah, there are some misprinted prices in some chronicles, but those are ALWAYS misprints Unless the chronicle Specifically Says that you get the item on a Discount - meaning that the boon says that it's supposed to be cheaper. Merely having a wrong price printed (with no special mention of a discount) isn't enough.

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