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Hello, there I am brand new to the organized play side of PACG. Since my local group is stuck on the sixth adventure of the latest season, I am trying to see what other ways I might participate until the group finishes, or gives up out of frustration. Does PSCAG have the equivalent of "campaign mode," or some other way of getting credit for running through the main box?

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Hey there,

So I'm not 100% sure I understand the question but I'll try to answer. There are two plays to play PACG:
1. Playing through the box set. There are included scenarios in the box that you would play and when you finish scenarios you upgrade cards based off of what was acquired. You also earn scenario rewards that tell you when to get a card feat, or when to take a skill feat. Nothing done this way earns credit towards organized play.

2. Organized play rules. This uses scenarios that are separate from the boxed adventure. You play a character that earns "deck upgrades" and use acquired cards to get a "like-type" card to add to your deck. Earning a feat is pre-determined by how many scenarios you have completed at your current tier. You have the ability to earn rewards or unlocks for organized play

So the bad news is that your local group is stuck on the sixth adventure. Good news is that you can run a pre-generated character to be able to play with the group. This is what i did when i moved from an area without organized play to an area that has an active group that was halfway through a campaign.

So if you are playing through the boxed set (#1) then your non-organized play characters will not get any credit for organized play. If you play through using organized play rules (#2) then that is the only time you get credit.

PS, we've also recently opened a Flaxseed Lodge for the ACG. If you're interested in trying PACG via play-by-post using organized play rules (#2) then this is one way to do it. Learn more about play-by-post from the latest blog post

Let me know if i misunderstood the question or if you have any follow-up questions! Cheers,

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I believe Nohwear is familiar with the Pathfinder Society Roleplaying Guild rules, which allow you to (I believe) play and adventure path and apply the credit to a PFS character.

The card guild contains no such rules. But, as redeux mentions, you can play a pregen to be at an appropriate tier to join your local group. There are also two more options as well. All three options are outlined in the Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Guide beginning on page 8 under the section labeled "Starting a Higher-Tier Character".

Your other option would be play the card guild scenarios on your own, just as you would with the local group. You could level your character up until they reach the appropriate tier to join the local group. But that is a lot of playing you'll have to do to catch up and the might finish before you catch them.

I'm not sure what you mean by your local group being "stuck" (they can't beat a scenario? they haven't been able to get enough players together to play?) but you could also see if perhaps anyone else is interested in starting a new character and playing some lower tier scenarios.

Good luck, I hope it works out for you.


There is a good sized group that meets twice a month, but they have been struggling to get through those adventures. They keep running out of time. I have heard terms such as slog being used to describe their experience.

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