Empower Spell + Sneak Attack Dice

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If an arcane trickster is invisible and has 3d6 sneak attack dice, and cast an empowered ray of frost, is the damage:

A) (1d3*1.5) + 3d6; or
B) (1d3+3d6)*1.5.

Thank you!

Considering "http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2u9p0?Empowered-Spell-and-Sneak-Attack", the consensus would be A.

PS: Deleted my first answer, misread the question.

Grand Lodge

Sneak attack is extra dice that is added to the normal damage dealt after all other calculations are made, so the answer would be A, not B

The Empower Spell feat wording of 'including bonuses to those dice rolls' has me slightly hesitant though...

Sneak attack isn't a bonus to a roll - it is additional damage dice.
Bonuses to the dice rolls would be something like a sorceror bloodline power that add +1 to each damage dice, or the +level added to d8s in cure spells.


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