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I like that there are only full casters and non-casters, with magical options available for hybrid concepts. It just makes sense.

I'm also very hopeful about the alchemist, and I can't wait to play one.

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Liking the druid:
- The class has 4 very differentiated paths.
- Leyline Conduit is a very cool top-level feat.
- Tempest Surge is both flavorful and powerful.
- The wild shaper druid's shapechanging powers scale with Strength. This makes sense if we interpret Strength as the body's ability to withstand the stress of the change. It is also a nifty way to balance such powers: If this were keyed to the spellcasting attribute of the class, it would be over-powered.
- The bear is a respectable animal companion now. It got a really rough treatment in PF1.

About half-orc and half-elf: I like the idea to make them variant ancestries of human. This opens up a lot of options for future half-breed concepts as the idea can be generalized to tieflings, sylphs, etc; so that an elf-tiefling is now a possibility. On the other hand, the presented implementation of the concept might need some adjustment.

I like the new concept for mixed ancestries. With this system in place, we will have access to so many more ancestries than before. I also agree it will take some fine tuning, but it's nice that the design team has agreed with that and assured us they will be paying close attention to what we say during the playtest.

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