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I'm looking for ways a druid can get a reroll for a saving throw either through a spell he may have or an item. Don't have feats to get something like Defiant Luck unfortunately. Thanks for reading.

Do you have room for traits? Lessons of Chaldira / Second Chance may be useful.

My gm said halfling only

Get a Fortunate Charm for 3,000 gp.

Get your party Cleric to cast Beacon Of Luck for a roll twice on one save.


Fortunate charms only help with skill checks and concentration checks.

All of the magic items I've found so far only help with particular types of saving throw, (e.g., fear, poison, gaze attacks). Is there a specific kind of save you're worried about?

OK. Forgot I noted that for skills. For saves I use the Charm of Fate at 5,000 gp, which gives 1/day second chance by enhancing the first failed save of the day and allowing a recheck against the new number.

I have not had it long, but it saved my character from a disintegrate spell.


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