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Hey! Just wondering if when one has a bab of 7/2 (Such as a 10th level rogue) would that count for a feat that needs +8 bab (Such as improvised weapon mastery)? I think the answer's no but I thought I'd just ask.


No. Your BAB has to match the prerequisite for the feat. You would need a +8 BAB for Improvised Weapon Mastery, so level 11 Rogue.

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Your BAB is the first number (in this case +7); the second number is there to indicate that you get an iterative attack, and what bonus to use for it.

If your BAB is 7, then it's not 8. 7 is in fact a lower number than 8, so you do not fulfill the prerequisite.
Jokes aside, any and all prerequisites about BAB always refer to the first number. The later number is always the previous number -5 and is just written out to remind you that you get an extra attack at that BAB, nothing more.

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