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While I think Strange Aeons is one of the better Adventure Paths for Pathfinder, there was one thing I was annoyed with. While most guides are rather detailed with important NPCs, the backstory of Winter was never revealed other than being chosen for her mission. With that said, I thought of how such a story would go and has written it as such:

Like most changelings, Winter never knew what her father looked like other than the fact that he was likely Cheliaxian with black hair. Either way, she suspects that he did not survive the encounter with the hag that gave birth to her. Eager to make sure the future child would turn to her in "the call", the hag placed her in a notorious tavern which she would resent living in. Yet fate would have other plans. A Pharasman priestess oversaw the event and came by to observe the baby as soon as the owner left. Recognizing it as a changeling, she sought to change the baby's fate for the better by sending the child to the Maiden's Choir.
Upon learning of her past, Winter found it fitting that the goddess of fate offered her a different path and duitibly studied the teachings of her goddess, earning herself commendable marks. And yet couldn't help but overhear whispers of her colleagues about the chance of becoming a hag. It didn't help that hers words have a somewhat mesmerizing effect on those attracted to her. Distraught at the accusations, she begun to hide her nails in gloves in order to draw attention away from her.
When she reached 14 years of age, she started hearing whispers, calling her to leave Caliphas. As if on cue, Mother Thestia came by her dorm, stating that she would not stop Winter from going, leaving Winter behind to decide her own fate. Winter seriously considered, but ultimately decided that she could do far more by staying in the church than becoming yet another hag minion. Winter locked herself in for days, spending her time meditating until the voices finally stopped. It was at that time that Winter had decided that Pharasma intends of her to use her gifts to help the church. As it turns out, her voice had a reassuring tone, perfect for reassuring frightened citizens as well as interrogations.
Winter is of average height and slender figure. Her red and green eyes are often the only visible indicator of her race. She has a tendency to wear black to match her hair. She hardly ever takes off her gloves except for dire situations as she does not want others to fear her.

In combat Winter strives to preserve her spells as much as possible, staying back to heal others when they are low at health, only buffing when there is a great need for it. If in combat, she brings out her dagger, only bringing out her gloves at the last minute. She casts sanctuary and flees if reduced to 7 hps, but if survivors are threatened or when she is better acquainted with the PCs she fights to the death.

I hope you like the back story. I would love to see what other backstories you have for the character.

Scarab Sages

Interestingly I opted to make use of her alluring racial trait to make her a more interesting character. To be clear she has not been tempting player characters. Not consciously, at any rate. She is a devout member of the clergy who has not been promoted to higher ranks. This is mostly because various members of the congregation have reported unwanted advances from her (that she is completely oblivious too).

Far from being some wanton hussy she appears to simply be a rather sensual woman, unaware of the effect she has on others. When made aware, she apologises and mutters something like "oh dear, this again." In the end the church saw the opportunity to send her off with royal accuser Omari as she may be able to put her unnatural ability to good use in help in the investigation.

When first met in Briarstone Asylum she is missing her holy symbol (it's missing from her stat block). There is a wooden holy symbol of Pharasma in the ruins a few rooms away so I decided it was hers and concocted some story about her dropping it or having it knocked from her hands while escaping from some doppelgangers.

Winter Klackza is a Changeling and in Ustalav, as with Damphir and Half-Orcs that's synonymous with 'monster.' Found as an orphan on the steps of the Maiden Choir, she was raised with the other foundlings. But there was no hiding what she was, with her claws and mismatched eyes. She had few friends among the children, with their cruel words and the adults were little different. They saw not a child who needed guidance, but rather a person who would grow up to be evil, if they weren't stern enough.

Sinner. Creature. Starved for attention and bitter, she might have gone a different path had it not been the most unlikely of friends. Another failure in the eyes of most of her peers. A healer whose demure features was savaged by a branded, reverse symbol of Phasmara over her eye. All for the crime of associating with a Damphir, a Royal Accuser who'd come now and then, requesting the healers aide.

From her, she found a role model and when the whispers came for her in the night, she made her choice.

And when her teacher, sister-figure hugged her and whispered how proud she was, Winter felt more alive than she ever had.

Following in her footsteps in adulthood, Winter joins the retinue of a Royal Accuser on her first adventure and little suspects how it will change her life...

I'm a big fan of the little details and expanding on the world lore. The Healer and the Damphir are actually from the Pathfinder Tales novel 'Bloodbound'. The description reads as thus.

Larsa is a dhampir—half vampire, half human. In the gritty streets and haunted peaks of Ustalav, she's an agent for the royal spymaster, keeping peace between the capital's secret vampire population and its huddled human masses. Meanwhile, in the cathedral of Maiden's Choir, Jadain is a young priestess of the death goddess, in trouble with her superiors for being too soft on the living. When a noblewoman's entire house is massacred by vampiric invaders, the unlikely pair is drawn into a deadly mystery that will reveal far more about both of them than they ever wanted to know.

It's a favorite of mine and considering they're from the same place, I could see Jadain acting like this. And in turn, inspiring Winter to follow in her footsteps as healer and Inquisitor helper. The best part too is that Jadains holy symbol is made of wood. So with permission, I'd like to take that idea of it being Winters too. From teacher to student.

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