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I've developed what I refer to as a "Quintessential Saver" build (for PFS) which is the following:

Stats str 10, dex 14, con 14, int 11, wis 14, cha 16

Paladin 2, Monk 2, Brawler 1, Slayer 1, Ranger 1, Gunslinger 1, Infiltrator 1, Shadowdancer 2, Swashbuckler 1, Bard 1, *Daredasher 1*, *Crimson Templar 1*, Champion of the Enlightened 1, Devoted Muse 1, Lantern Bearer 1, Student of Perfection 1,

Rogue 2, Justicator and Grand Marshal as perhaps the last two-four levels. As Daredasher and Crimson Templar take a different deity than Champion of the Enlightened.

Anyway, these combined with a Halfling, give ridiculous saves and a really versatile character with (hopefully) a +16 or better BAB. Throwing in Lucky Halfling and a few Lucky feats, as well as Twist Away and Iron Will or Lightning Reflexes (going to use Ref for Fort in times of need).

Also taking Lessons of Faith (to reroll failed save 1/day) and something to add +1 to Wil or Ref save for Traits.

Can anyone think of a class that I missed that would add nicely to this build? I was attempting not to sack BAB completely, and thus I realize it will have a slightly lower WIL save (24 w/o magic I think) in the end.

Monk bonus feats are dodge and combat reflexes. Looking to throw in toughness for HP boost (later). I think it worked out to a naked 15 AC or something low like that, but can armor up (obviously). I realize I could dump stat most of the other stats and go full CHA, but I didn't want to do that, and numerically it makes no difference to the saves (+5 total). So it eeks out some AC bonus from the monk and a few other things. 4 level points going into CHA and a CHA boost item, will send this to like 36,39,29 (feat dependent) saves. Reroll 1/day on fail, re-roll for friends within 30' 7/day, use dex as fort for evasion on fort saves.

Thoughts and advice on how I could improve this? If you need more information let me know. Things I am looking for are things that allow saves when you wouldn't otherwise get one, or that sort of thing - anything that might give SR? Does that allow a save even if SR fails to protect? Monster traits available to players?

If you take a 3rd level in Monk, you get Still Mind, a +2 on saves vs. Mind Affecting effects. If you are already taking Iron Will, maybe take Endurance, too. Then you can take a level in Living Monolith, which also gives you a +2 vs. Mind effects. I don't recall if LM stacks with Still Mind.

Dwarves, Halflings, Half Orcs, and Elves get saving throw bonuses. But,

maouse wrote:
these combined with a Halfling, give ridiculous saves

You clearly woke to that already.

Grand Lodge

I have to ask... why build this character? With so much multiclassing going on your ability to stay relevant in combat takes a significant downturn. Outside of increasing Dex and using Piranha Strike I don't see how you get much damage output, and you have no class abilities that scale with you. But you'll make any saving throw needed, that's for sure. Even then, once enemies start realizing they can't hurt you with abilities that require saves, they'll just start going after your A.C, which would likely be fairly low since you're not wearing armor

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