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So for SFS, I recently got a halfling boon, and I have been wanting one for a while, because I’ve been wanting to build Vanellope for a while. I’m building her as a technomancer, mainly because I can teleport at level 7 with one of the magic hacks, and can eventually get dimension door. Not going to be going for touch spells, really, mostly ranged and utility spells

I’ve got a rough outline here, any suggestions? I know she’s super squishy, but really, that’s a byproduct of being a halfling technomancer.

Honestly, I'm not seeing where the low hp is unavoidable. You don't have a CON penalty or have a major need for maximum DEX (you don't need to max your attacking stat if you don't do a whole lot of attacking), and halflings provide a boost to saves so you could prioritize getting Toughness over a save booster. If nothing else, you're no worse off than the (presumably not uncommon) Ysoki technomancers.

Also, the profile has an error: you list size as medium.

I should pull myself out of Fire Emblem PF conversions and finish my build of Link from the most recent game (I went all-in on the tech aspect in my playthrough, Soldier with Technomantic Dabbler seemed better than using the PF ruleset)

Scarab Sages

The dex is primarily for piloting/racing. Also thanks, I fixed the profile. And yeah, if I get the boon that lets me add +2 to a halfling stat, I’ll add it to Con

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