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Hi everybody,
I've been running games on Roll20 for about a year. Since, I'm the gm and it sucks to lose all my time at preparing scenarios, I got the pro account and started using the pathfinder companion script (+ pathfinder hero lab script) ... and a few others. Great time saving tools. These all use the Pathfinder-Neceros sheet.

I purchased War for the Crown Module on Roll20. I liked the lay out, was really excited to see that a lot of the work I had to do was reduced. Unfortunately, this module uses the Official Pathfinder sheet.

(In case you are curious, the Pathfinder-Neceros (aka Pathfinder (Community) Sheet) is not the same thing as the Official Pathfinder Sheet).

The Pathfinder (Community) Sheet has known fields, macros that are easily coded (or samples of coded macros that can be easily copied and pasted), and all sorts of wonderful tools for managing monsters and characters ....

The Official Pathfinder sheet, well, it is new.

What are your suggestions?

My first idea, is to just use the Pathfinder-Neceros sheet, and just reload the beasties ... but I may be missing something in the stats that would be in the Pathfinder OFficial Sheet. Easiest but time consuming.

Second idea, was to create a Javascript page, and have the page create generic macros for the characters (not sure if this is feasible, but most of the code would be blatantly lifted from PFC - I started reading through it, and thankfully they're good at documenting their code). Not so easy, time consuming, but once I have it, I can re-use it.

Third idea, some type of mapping from one sheet to another (and vice-versa) export from type and import as type B (seems like a lousy workaround) ... simple, re-usable, but I'm not sure if that will give me the macros.

Other ideas, that require little to no effort on my part:
Somebody else fixed the problem, which I am all for!
- Paizo puts out changes to the sheet to allow for macros.

Other suggestions and idea ... feel free to append.

Harold Austin
(Spouse to one of the mysterious Venture Lieutenants)

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