Character help request: Warpriest of Irori for Crownfall


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I'm hoping to get some build help/advice for making a Warpriest of Irori for an upcoming Crownfall campaign.
This will have a lot of social interactions and one of my traits will need to be a campaign trait from the new player's guide. I'd like to save my other trait for Fate's Favored but I'm open to advice there.

Build guidelines:
20 point buy
Exotic races are frowned upon for game setting/GM
No guarantees I'll be able to get specific magic items (like Agile Amulets of Mighty Fists...I may be able to but I may not)
The GM doesn't like Min/Max builds so cheesy dips or rule bending are discouraged.

Character is going to be a Warpriest of Irori, likely focusing on unarmed combat, since many situations we will not be allowed to carry weapons and obvious armor.

I like being able to do damage but I will need to be able to do at least one social skill well.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

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I recommend half-orc for your race. You take the Sacred Tattoo alternate racial which gives you a +1 luck bonus to all saves (which increases to +2 with Fate's Favored).

Also, Dragon Sight to trade away a mediocre Intimidate bonus for Darkvision out to 120ft.

I know this build concepts includes things your GM dislikes, but maybe there are ideas you might find useful, or maybe some of the things your GM might allow.

I was fooling around with an idea for a Natural Attacking Warpriest. My first thought was to play a Tengu with Claws and use Sacred Weapon Damage to get lots of attacks that do lots of damage. I was thinking of this for PFS.

TaigaKirdApe wrote:
Exotic races are frowned upon for game setting/GM

If the GM doesn't like Tengu, you could do the same thing with Half Orc. Take Bite as a Half Orc Racial Trait, and take levels in Barbarian until you have Claws: Lesser Beast Totem Rage Power, so 2 levels.

Then take levels in Warpriest, using your Cleric Spells to alleviate Fatigue that comes with coming out of Rage and for bypassing DR with spells like Weapon Against Evil. I would take the Sympathetic Rage and Amplified Rage feats. Amplified Rage is a Teamwork Feat, but there is a Warpriest Archetype that gets the Tactician Class Ability like Cavaliers do. Then you can give everybody in your party +3 attack and damage and yourself +4.

My version of his character would workship Dahak in PFS because Dahak's Favored Weapon is Bite, so there would be no need to need to take Weapon Focus Bite. Also, the Minor Blessing of Destruction would be perfect for this character: an extra global +1 Damage.

I would also dip a level in White Haired Witch and get a Hair Attack and hope to acquire an Animal Mask or a Helm of the Mammoth Lord to get a Gore Attack.

When my Sacred Weapon Damage got up to 1d8, I would dip a level in Living Monolith for the Enlarge Person SLA, so my base damage from Sacred Weapon would increase to 2d6. I would start taking Improved Natural Weapon for my Natural Attacks to increase it to 3d6.

When your character gets high enough level, a Half-Orc Warpriest can take Weapon Specialization and Martial Versatility for Weapon Specialization to give all your Natural Attacks a global, +2 Damage.

TaigaKirdApe wrote:
The GM doesn't like Min/Max builds so cheesy dips or rule bending are discouraged.

Your GM doesn't like cheese balls? He doesn't like it when your character doesn't stack neatly inside his little box like a Pringle?

You bunch of Pringles!

On a more serious note, normally, I don't think multiclassing by taking levels in a Prestige Class like Living Monolith is normally considered cheese. You can ask him to either play a Tengu and single-class, or play a Half Orc and multi-class. He should allow 1 or the other. A natural Attack Warpriest seems reasonable to me. A 1-level dip in White Haired Witch just to get another Natural Attack? Total Cheese, like that Corsican Living Goat Cheese that comes crawling with maggots! I've never been to Corsica, but I've always wanted to go there and try that Frommage Vivant. But hey, once he's gotten use to the idea of your Natural Attack Warpriest, maybe you can slip it in, or if not, 3 attack/round is still pretty good, 4 if you can get either an Animal Mask or HotML Gore Attack.

I appreciate the effort.

This is going to be a highly social campaign. Like dressing up nicely and trying to impress people socially.

So I need to balance combat effectiveness with at least some social skills.

The build I proposed certainly doesn't preclude social skills, but I wasn't emphasizing them either. Usually, I develop my character socially by roleplaying and emphasize combat effectiveness in the builds.

My instinct wouldn't be to take levels in Warpriest to emphasize Socail Skills, or Skills at all for that matter. Warpriests' Skill number is only 4.

Irori's Favored Weapon is Unarmed Strike. If I wanted to focus on Unarmed Strikes, I might instead be a Monk and get 4 Skill Points +Int/level instead of 2 for Warpriest. Single Class Monks have 3 good Saves, get progressively more Attacks/round and Damage/attack through MUSD and FoB. Single Classing Monk is very reasonable.

Another way I would go if I wanted to be good with Social Skills and good in Combat and have only 1 class would be to play a Class whose primary atribute is Charisma: Paladin, Sorcerer, or Oracle.

The obvious choice for single-classing Irori Warpriest is the Sacred Fist Archetype. I've heard some negative things about Sacred Fist. At first Blush, it gives fewer Skills than Monk, but you can use Cleric Spells to buff yourself to be more glib and lovely.

Another variant on my idea for a Natural Attack Build would be to use Sneak Attack Damage. This wouldn't call for levels in Warpriest at all, though. The idea would be to find few ways of securing your Sneak Attack Damage:

3 levels in Bard with the Flame Dancer Archetype, acquire an Eversmoking Bottle or cast Pyrotechnics. At 3rd level, Flame Dancers give themselves and all their allies the ability to see through fire and smoke. Pyrotechnics and Eversmoking Bottles make so much smoke, everyone would be Blinded, but for your special Bard ability, that is. Blinded creatures lose their Dex Mods to AC, and that means you get your Sneak Attack Damage.

3 levels in Snakebite Striker Brawler + the Improved Feint Feat. In addition to getting SAD themselves, SBSBs get a special ability at level 3 that works with Improved Feint: they get to Feint as part of their Move. Feint works off of the Bluff Skill, which is a social skill, and you want those.

Dirty Trick Combat Maneuvers: you can make your opponents Blind. If your opponent is not sufficiently hampered by being Blinded, you can make them Deaf, too! The Slayer Class has an Archetype, Bounty Hunter, that grants something like Quick Dirty Tricks at level 3, and Slayers also get Sneak Attack Damage as well as Rogue Talents which you can take to give yourself more social skills.

1 level in Arcanist will let you take an Arcane Exploit called Dimensional Slide, a 10' Teleport that does not leave you Disoriented like Dimension Door does, so it will work to help you achieve Flanking.

The Shatter Defenses Feat makes your opponent Flatfooted. It's prerequisite is Dazzling Display, which lets you Intimidate everyone within 30' as a Full Round Action. Intimidate is a social skill, and you want those. Cornudgeon Smash gives you a free Intimidate with every hit. The disadvantage of this is that it will take like 2 hits to make your opponent Flatfooted, but they are actually Flatfooted, not just sans Dex Mod, and that opens the door to Sap Feats and Knockout Artist. Between Sap Adept, Sap Master, and Knockout Artist, your Sneak Attack Damage will get double dice +2/die. The downside of this is that it will all be nonlethal damage.

Now, this is just a list of my favorite ways of securing SAD. I'm not telling you to take all of them. Since you are under pressure to single-class, maybe just single class Snakebite Striker Brawler and get the Feint. Take Cornugeon Smash and Shatter Defenses, too, followed by the Sap Feats and Knockout Artist, and maybe Dirty Trick feats if you can squeeze them in (You probably wouldn't be able to.). Your Unarmed Base Damage--you said you want to worship Irori--will continue to go up as you take levels in SBSB, and so will your # attacks/round as per Brawler's Flurry. You can give yourself another +1d6 SAD with the Accomplished Sneak Attacker Feat. Brawlers also get more Skill Points than Warpriests, 4 instead of 2, so my instinct is that they would be better for developing social skills than Warpriests would be.

That's one of the sanest builds I ever proposed! What I would normally do is also take levels in Ninja, Unchained Rogue, or Vivisectionist Alchemist to get SAD faster, multiclassing quite shamelessly!

There is the Mantis Zealot Warpriest Archetype. They get Sneak Attack Damage.

Brawler is very tempting.
We lack any divine casters, though.
Not that my prospective Warpriest is intended to carry all that weight, but I can probably self-heal enough to keep myself up.

Taldor is very human-centric (with Elves and Dwarves given grudging parity) and a lot of the campaign seems to be pursuading various faction members. So I'm either going to be human, elven, dwarven or half-elf. I might be able to sneak in an Aasimar but not likely.

So I'm still leaning towards Warpriest. Just not sure how to build one effectively.

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TaigaKirdApe wrote:


I like being able to do damage but I will need to be able to do at least one social skill well.

Warpriests are generally very, very poor at skills, at only 2+ int per level, and stat builds focused on str/con/wis. With no traits to swap a skill dependency to Wis, you probably won't be very good at any social skill.

That said, a few possibilities for unarmed divine casters are:
* Sacred Fist Warpriest
* Iroran paladin, possibly combined with Scaled Fist or Invested Regent monk for a cha rather than wis-dependent combat build
* Inquisitor of Irori, for ALL the skills, including wis-based social skills with the right archetypes or inquisition.

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If you do go for the Sacred Fist Warpriest, you might want to prestige into Evangelist, which has 6+int skill points per level, is very in character for a warpriest, and will only put you one level behind on your warpriest class abilities.

Very interesting ideas, Keerawa. Thank you.

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