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Sorry if this comes off as a complaint, because I really am enjoying SFS.

Up until starfinder scenario 1-08, there would usually be blank maps from the scenario, without designations of rooms, the locations of NPCs, etc. Now that no-longer seems to be the case. I see that it does mention which flip mat they belong to, but I just looked in the store and the blank maps, even in PDF form, cost more than the scenario itself! (4.99 for the scenario, 9.99 for a PDF of the flip mat). In the case of 1-09, there are 4 separate maps used during the scenario, meaning I have to spend over 40 dollars just for this one scenario if I want maps that are blank!

Is this now the norm, where if we want to use the official map in the scenario, we have to buy it separately? Or is this something that just got overlooked? I run most of my games on Roll20, the blank copies were a huge help for my prep work. I'm still going to be playing, I just need to know if I now have to budget for this.

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Yeah that is what is normally done in most PFS/SFS scenarios. Usually only the custom maps get put in the back. But you don't need to have an exact map. You can get a blank make (Or a toll of gridded wrapping paper) and sketch out the map you need. I've amassed a large collection of the flip maps, but still end up drawing the ocassional newer map i dont yet have, or custom maps.

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Thanks for the info. Again, I use a virtual tabletop so....drawing out or gridded wrapping paper isn't an issue. I'd be willing to pay more than just the 4.99 if they started including a file for those of us who use virtual, but 40 is a bit excessive, heh.

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Usually you can just click on the map with the marked locations in the scenario and copy it to another program. The markings are a separate layer, so they don't copy over. (There have been a few cases where the layout department accidentally flattened the image, putting everything in one layer, but I haven't seen that happen in a while.)

edit: just tried it out with SFS 1-09. The maps I tried copied to Word without the markings.

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What's going on here is that you have just discovered the difference between a flip-mat and a custom map! Paizo provides "unmarked" copies of custom maps (where each map only appears once) at the end of each scenario just in case someone can't make the copy/paste thing work.

However, if the map is a flip-mat or map-pack (or, presumably, one of the upcoming map tiles sets) they don't provide a copy of the map at the end since you can buy blank versions of the maps. Paizo's map products like flip mats are reused in many scenarios and you can get both PDF and physical copies at much higher resolution than what appears in the scenarios. For 1-09, there are three flip mats--each flip-mat is double-sided, and both sides of one of the maps are used.

Kevin's right, though--the best option in the short term is simply to right click on each map, and paste it into whatever tool you use to get your maps ready for your VTT game. (It can get a little more complicated for some older PFS scenarios, but you shouldn't have to worry about that with modern SFS.)

In the long term, you can buy PDFs of the flip-mats (and the map packs and upcoming map tiles) and copy the map out the same way you can copy the map out of a scenario.

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Thanks for the advice.

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