Classically trained vs agile weapon property

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Classically trained allows oneself to use a long sword with weapon finesse.
Agile can be placed on weapons that can be used with weapon finesse.
Can I have agile on my sword?


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Agile is a magic weapon enhancement. For purposes of meeting prerequisites, it doesn't care what abilities your character has, nor the item creator, because anyone could buy or otherwise acquire the item.

Archives of Nethys isn't finding "Classically Trained", though it sounds familiar. What's the source?

It's a class feature of the Westcrown devil prestige class, from the Adventurer's Guide. ^_^

Starglim has the right idea - classically trained changes how you use the longsword, not its innate properties. So it doesn't open up agile longswords.

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Thanks, I see it now.

It probably does work with the character's own abilities, such as the unchained rogue's finesse training (if she took her 3rd level of rogue after her 1st level of Westcrown devil). Slashing Grace would work regardless and in fact mentions the longsword as an example of a suitable weapon choice.

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Thanks for the help everyone!

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