[JBE / Poll] What Kind of Monster Artwork Do You Prefer?

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With a new edition on the horizon but still a distance off, now is a good time to ask what kind of monster artwork do you prefer? Black and white on parchment or color images? Vote in our poll and tell us your thoughts here and at JonBrazer.com.

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I voted other.
I prefer color but I don't mind black and white sketches within a colored book its part of the narrative. An NPC drew it from memory to show the adventurers as an example.

Huge fan of consistency. I really like black and white sketches, but some things need to be shown in color for full effect.

Color images.

Given the choice, I'd prefer a small number of high-quality, color pieces over a lot of simpler, black-and-white sketches. I know that's not always easy to manage, though, especially for bestiaries and other image-heavy products, and I understand if companies feel sketches are more appropriate for a given product. (I can't speak for others, but art is practically never a selling point for me. I buy based on the flavor and rules content I expect to get, not any art associated with it.)

Consistency in a given product is definitely important.

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