[HELP] Feats for a Utility Caster


I am having some trouble coming up with feats for a build. I have already talked about the build as a whole in another thread, but I specifically would like to ask a question here. What are some good all-around feats for a utility caster?

Context: I am playing a Dual-Cursed Oracle of Time in the Hell's Rebels AP. My character is very much a full caster type character. I am focusing on more Utility/Buffing with some Debuffing (Ill Omen, Misfortune Revelation, Bestow Curse) and a bit of Summoning. I do have a high enough Charisma that combined with things like Ill Omen and Misfortune could allow me to have some potent Save or Lose/Suck spells a bit later on. But unless I chose to go for something like Spell Perfection on Greater Bestow Curse or something, I am not really sure what kind of feats to take. So far this is the short list

Improved Initiative
Craft Wondrous Item
Quicken Spell
Reach Spell (Rod instead?) for Bestow Curse and/or Cures
Spell Penetration (I know there are a lot of Evil Outsiders later which means a lot of SR)

If I were going for a Spell Perfection (Greater Bestow Curse) build, it would be something like this

Improved Initiative
Craft Wondrous Item
Reach Spell
Spell Focus (Necromancy)
Spell Penetration
Persistent Spell
Quicken Spell
Spell Perfection (Greater Bestow Curse)

I could also take Magical Lineage (Greater Bestow Curse) to be able to use Persistent and Reach at the same time as a level 7 spell with Spell Perfection.


Summoning improvements can take up as many feats as you have to spare. Extra revelations maybe, spell focus is bland, but like spell penetration is good for making those debuffs stick. And Divine Interferance is great when you qualify for it, you should have plenty of spell slots to fuel it.

So in your opinion would it be better to devote the feats to things like Spell Focus Conjuration, Augment Summoning, etc?

Part of the reason I didn't plan to go summon focused was because I really wanted to play an Oracle and that means no Sacred Summons.

My party is currently a Sword and Board fighter, a TWF Investigator, an Arcanist, and me (the Oracle). I do have some concerns that we might need more DPR, so summons might be a decent choice. Though I am a bit concerned with the nature of this AP that too many enemies might have Protection from Good. I dont know if that is a reasonable concern though.

Silver Crusade

I just wanted to add Spell Penetration is a trap feat in my opinion.
It only gives a +2 vs an SR around 21-25. So you have a 50% (or Worse) Chance to hit even with the Feat (Around Lvl 10). The Casting Defensively Feat on other Hand is worth it since you use CL + Caster Mod + the now +4 the Chance to get it through is significant higher.

I would suggest going for Acid Arrow, Summoning or other Conjuration Spells (Black Tentacles)

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