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Wanted to clarify/validate a couple things regarding starship shields in combat.

In particular:
1) Balance (Helm Phase) says, "You can balance the shields, redirecting power from one quadrant to protect another. With a successful Computers check (DC = 15 +2 × your starship’s tier), you can shift Shield Points (SP) from the shield in one quadrant to the shield in another quadrant, including to depleted shields (after rebalancing, every shield must have at least 10% of the total current SP). Alternatively, you can add up the
SP from all the remaining shields and evenly distribute them to all
four quadrants, putting any excess SP in the forward quadrant."

So, say your ship has 50 shield points with a default load out of 15, 10, 10, 15.
Does that mean that you could move up to 10 points (all must retain at least 10% of the 50) from your aft shield to your front shield, giving you 25,10,10,5?
Alternately (if evenly distributing), you'd get 14, 12, 12, 12?

2) Divert (Engineering Phase) says, "... Evenly distribute the restored Shield Points to all 4 quadrants (putting any excess points in the forward quadrant."
That seems pretty clear, but what happens if you have two damaged shields and two full?
A) Are those shield points then split among all 4, with all the ones going to the damaged shields being lost? <or>
B) Are the shield points then only split among the 2 shields that aren't full?

The Divert action has been changed in the FAQ, allowing you to distribute the new shield points as you see fit. The Balance action has not been changed, so your understanding of it is correct. Note that the specific wording of balance is 10% of your current SP, so the minimum you are required to leave in each quadrant will go down as your shields take damage.

Also note that all the DCs have been changed.

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Yes, thanks for that.

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