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Critical Damage (page 321) says to roll randomly to determine which system is hit (life, sensors, weapons, engines, power core). But what happens if your target simply does not HAVE the system you roll (say Life support on an Eoxian or weapons on something unarmed)? In that case, is the critical hit just 'lost' or do you reroll until you get something that exists?

Similarly, if you hit weapons, you roll randomly to determine which arc is affected. But, what happens if you roll, say, aft arc and they have no weapons that can shoot in the aft arc? Is your critical hit then, essentially, lost to no effect or would you roll another arc?

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Hmm. Good question. With Eoxians I'd wanna say their lack of need of life support is an advantage, so skipping over sounds good to me. But critting on weapons is so niche already that it feels bad to skip over that. I'd be tempted to say that if you can't hit anything in that arc that you try for turrets or another arc instead.

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For weapons array crits, the core book says "randomly determine an arc containing weapons", so you would re-roll if you rolled aft and the ship had no turret or aft gun. (For example.)

Just because the weapon isn't in a particular arc doesn't mean you can't damage its systems. I mean its controlled from the gunnery position which is in the center of the ship right?

If anything i'd want to make sure my sister was set up like a brain, the stuff controlling the left side is on the right side and vice versa, because if something hits your right brain you want your right arm to be able to deal with it.

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A critical is scored against an arc, not against a specific weapon.

As for Eoxian a crit in life support affects the captain actions so it is a valid target for a crit. There is more to life support than atmosphere.

Yes if there is no weapon that can fire to the art arc you would re-roll or just roll a D3.

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Good call. I wasn't, at first, aware of that forum.

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No problem. We are a friendly bunch here!

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