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I'm going to be running King Xeros of Old Azlant (NOT, repeat, NOT for official PFS), for a group of 4 or 5 level 7 players.

1.) Brawler
2.) Eldritch Archer
3.) Forgepriest
4.) Ninja
5.) TBD (most likely a paladin multiclass of some sort)

From what I'm reading the first and last encounters look to be a bit beyond what a team of this size and level could reasonably handle. I want them to be challenging for certain, but right now the odds for those fights seem heavily slanted against the PC's.

1st Fight: I was thinking of making the Defense Construct's stats based off of a Coral Golem instead, DR still high enough to lower the damage of unprepared PC's (and render the harbor guards still useless) with respectable damage without the cursed wounds. Plus it's AC better meshes to give my PC's even or slighter-better-than even chances to hit.

2nd Fight: No concrete idea here, but I think maybe something other than the Xill Cleric 4, statting it up by Pathfinder's rules on adding class levels to monsters seems to push it a little far into the danger zone with her three Xill henchwomen.

So if anyone has some feedback or advice on making these fights manageable but still challenging I'd appreciate it.

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5th player is going with a bard that focuses on spell-casting, and boosting their inspire bonus with a Dervish Sikke and the flagbearer feat + flag of ancient kings (+4 to everyone, +6 to everyone within 30ft of them).

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