Recommend some 3PP adventures!

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I see a lot of supplements out there for Starfinder, and that's good. But right now what I am really looking for are published adventures. So far we have the Dead Suns AP and a variety of society scenarios.

Anyone have any 3pp adventures they want to recommend?

Nothing? Anyone?

There's none that I know of, except for Blood Space and Moon Dust.

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While this list includes Paizo adventures, people are also tracking 3pp Starfinder adventures.

Scarab Sages Starfinder Design Lead

And, while again they are Paizo-produced, you can also buy Starfinder Society scenarios for Starfinedr.

Legendary Planet (from Legendary Games) is a great place to start if you're looking for a full AP. ^^ So far, I think only the first two adventures have been converted, but it's great for seeing exotic new worlds, meeting weird new creatures, and generally having an expansive adventure.

Thanks for the link!

I have pretty much all of the Paizo Starfinder stuff so far. But I'm looking for a bigger-scale kind of thing with various sources that I can stitch together for a homebrew campaign. Won't necessarily play everything as written but want to be able to mine things for ideas.

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I admit I haven't played them but I keep seeing Legendary Planets and Redshirts as decently reviewed adventures on DriveThruRPG. The former seems to be a series of planet settings coupled with a tied-in adventure. Had I the time, I'd definitely check them out, but alas I'm hunkered in with my own homebrew campaign and SFS.

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