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We have launched our Kickstarter to fund the Psionics Guide, a 200+ page full color, hardcover book!

At the time of this posting, the project is already nearly 70% funded in the first day.

The Psionics Guide will have:
11 psionic races
4 psionic classes
Psionic Feats
Psionic Powers
Psionic Equipment

There are stretch goals to unlock additional content like more content, more artwork, and psionic character sheets.

You can back it here!

If you want to learn more about the contents, you can check out our playtest packets on the Dreamscarred Press Starfinder Psionics page.

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Just backed myself one pdf. Any room for spaceships in the equipment part of the book?

That mock cover looks pretty great already. Who's the artist?

Dreamscarred Press

Thanks for your support!

Psionics for spaceships / ship combat is certainly something we're keeping in mind, although nothing we're committing to yet.

The cover art is actually using some stock art that was available for licensing and all I can tell you about the artist is their handle: grandfailure.

It's already fully funded, it's only $254 bucks from hitting its fourth stretch goal, and it still has another 23 days left. Woo-hoo!


If you've been on the fence because of being burned by other companies's Kickstarters, I backed Dreamscarred's Ultimate Psionics Kickstarter years ago. Jeremy was always communicative and professional in his fulfillment of the UltPsi products, even when facing unexpected hiccups outside of his control.

(I am not a Dreamscarred developer or freelancer, just a consistently happy customer.)

Liberty's Edge

I backed it. While I am not usually keen on 3pp, I think this could add something neat for Starfinder because of how different the magic system currently is with just spontaneous casters.

Fourth stretch goal down, only $239 from the fifth stretch goal: a 64-pg Bestiary!

Backed as soon as I could. Science fantasy just isn't complete without psionics.

Fifth stretch goal down! The 64-pg Bestiary is happening! (Check the new backer level options to make sure you'll get it).

Onward toward the sixth stretch goal (another new character theme: Dreamwalkers).

Just $354 away from hitting the sixth stretch goal.

This is awesome. I wonder what would happen if Bruce R. Cordell was to jump on the bandwagon and write a psionics guide for Starfinder of his own? If he did, I hope what he writes would be compatible with Dreamscarred Press' final work.

Dreamwalkers and Athanatism stretch goals achieved!

300 backers stretch goal achieved!

Only 6 more backers needed to unlock the Familiar Strangers stretch goal!

Only $1664 away from unlocking even more art!

350 backers and 400 backers stretch goals both unlocked (Familiar Strangers motif and PDF minis of iconics). If 450 backers hits, then PDF minis of bestiary is unlocked.

Addition art for iconics stretch goal also unlocked. $1,089 away from unlocking the Shadow Wars motif with 8 days left.

Psionics Guide Kickstarter update:

  • 450 backers stretch goal unlocked: PDF of Bestiary minis
  • Stretch goal unlocked: Shadow Wars motif
  • Stretch goal unlocked: Full page art at chapter beginnings
  • 9 more backers needed to unlock a vote for second bonus Bestiary critter
  • $1,522 more needed to unlock even more additional critters and options in the Bestiary
Only 66 hours left to go!

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psionics guide kickstarter update:

  • Expanded Bestiary option unlocked.
  • 500 backers stretch goal unlocked: voting for an additional monster in the bestiary.

    only 43 hours left to go!

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