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Hi GMs,
as the title I wanted to ask you how you played the encounter with khalib because preparing me I did not find a good strategy to really trouble my pg.
Thanks in advance.

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I was a big jerk. But my players had it coming.

OK, so, they had just fought the advanced cloud giants and storm giants in the entry into the Pinnacle, were very beat up, and had just gained enough XP to level. So, I had expected them to retreat, and return once they were ready to face things again. At the very least, I expected them to head down to the bottom of the Pinnacle and cast mage's magnificent mansion to sleep safely.

Nope - they decided they'd do it right in the entry hall, probably because they were 16th level, and what could possibly harm them? They'd erected a prismatic wall to keep block the throne room, went inside, and went to bed. No need to set watches - we're safe in here!

So, I decided to teach the party wizard a lesson in humility. Khalib went checking in on the giants that went to reinforce the guards in the entry hall, and since he has a permanent see invisibility up, he saw the extradimensional doors to the mansion. Realizing what was going on, he made several preparations - he summoned several foes, including several bearded devils and an elder fire elemental, and then started spamming greater dispel magic at the mansion. I had planned to cheat and keep casting it until he succeeded, and reduce Khalib's 6th level spells accordingly. Fortunately, I didn't need to - he got it in one.

Now the party was back in the Material Plane, asleep and unarmored. Since you can't ready a coup de grace - and I'm not that big of a jerk - the devils all picked a tough looking target and smacked them around. The fire elemental picked the wizard, and Khalib focus his fire on the wizard as well - he knew how dangerous a high-level arcanist can be, after all! The party won, but they realized they'd been the architects of this whole escapade, and retreated from the Pinnacle to finish their rest and recuperation.

My players almost made a very similar mistake before one them said "You know, this is a palace belonging to an ancient wizard, there might be someone in here that could find and dispel the mansion. We should cast it back in the city."

I was mildly disappointed because I already had the gears turning along the lines you ended up using before they did the smart thing and I had to discard them.

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My pc's encountered Khalib 3 times. Per the AP, he sometimes visits the yeti in the form of their chieftain to keep them under control. So I had him there when the pc's entered the yeti lair. When the biggest yeti started hurling 8th level spells, their eyes bugged out. Then I had him and Viorian teleport into the Heptaric Locus while the pc's were fighting some scarlet walkers (Gamigan had been otherwise dealt with - long story) - she has boots of teleportation that are otherwise useless. I wanted the pc's to have more than one encounter with Karzoug's apprentice and champion. And lastly they encountered him in the Pinnacle along with a called Marilith and a few cloud giants - under form of the dragon III. I had both him and Karzoug drop any transmutation spell that involved saves or targeting the pc's - since both were well aware the pc's bore dominant weapons. He fled that encounter as well and died alongside Ceoptra in the Chamber of the Anima Focus.

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