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There is a new crit type of Electrocute listed on pg. 192 of Pact Worlds.

I can't find any weapons in that book with this Crit effect, yet the text says "A number of the weapons detailed in this section can impart the following critical effects."

Am I missing something?

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No, that's definitely weird.

If I had to guess, probably either the Anacite Ion Cannon or the Tauon crystal was supposed to have the Electrocute critical effect but something got messed up in the editing.

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None of the weapons presented are supposed to have electrocute. Most likely, we should have cut electrocute, but in any case it wasn't forgotten from any of the weapons that made it into the book.

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Thank you Owen!

Guess I will have to wait for the equipment book to find a weapon that uses it. Still appreciate you taking the time to let me know I didn’t miss anything.

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