Is nonlethal damage considered hit point damage?

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Mallecks wrote:

Warped Savant...

The FAQs you have provided are extremely problematic. It is not explicitly clear that it would prove my position wrong. It is possible that explanation was provided without Nonlethal damage in mind or that the damage bonuses are not granted to nonlethal attacks.

However, I believe that nonlethal damage would be granted damage bonuses. Barring any additional information that could provide an alternative explanation, this convinces me that nonlethal damage is hit point damage.

You're right, it doesn't prove you're wrong but I agree that nonlethal should get damage bonuses and with those FAQ's nonlethal would have to be hit point damage in order to get damage bonuses from pretty much every single feat, ability, spell, etc.

I'm glad that it looks like we can finally put this to rest.

maouse33 wrote:
Gallant Armor wrote:
Is nonlethal damage considered hit point damage for the purpose of feats, spells and other abilities that only work with effects that deal hit point damage?
Short answer: Yes. Long answer: Read the last 1399 posts...

I still have my doubts...

Liberty's Edge

Pathfinder Rulebook Subscriber

I am sure that you do.

For the use of feats, though, Nonlethal Damage should be considered in the same way as Lethal damage as far as it goes, unless specified in the feat or ability. Both are damage, both go toward the the same end means and are tied to Hit Points, either directly or as a reference.

I know, GA, that you see something about this when questioned about Power Attack in the Original Thread, but the mountain you made started as a molehill.

I think what has been shown here is that the term hit point damage is used inconsistently to sometimes mean lethal damage and other times mean lethal and nonlethal damage. Barring an official ruling I'd say it's a GM call.

Well, at least you've some proof of IS bit point damage, however consistently. Which beats saying it never was.

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