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Can you use the power attack feat on an attack that does non lethal damage?*

*asking for a friend.

You can make nonlethal attacks that still add your STR modifier, all Power Attack does is increase the amount of STR mod you add.

So yes.

That was the opinion of 98% of people in a different thread. But one holdout wanted an official answer. So hence the FAQ.

Do you really think it's worth FAQing rules any time someone makes a bad argument and won't back down?

No. No I do not. This was upon request.

Nonlethal deals nonlethal HP damage, if you fall below zero you are unconscious, not dead, but it's still HP damage. Power Attack and everything else effecting HP damage still applies. It's how all those Enforcer/Bludgeoner/Sap Adept/Master builds work with Power Attack/Cornugon Smash.

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Just a post to confirm that this does not need a FAQ.

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