End of Times Campaign Advice


I've been playing Warhammer Vermintide a lot and as my current campaign of Strange Aeons is slowly approaching its end, it's inspired me to start making a few basic preparations for a new adventure themed around the impending downfall of Golarion (or some other setting). I'm curious if anyone has any advice for this type of setting or good references. Perhaps Second Darkness and the Ironfang Invasion?
Some things I'm looking for is ways to handle cities being wiped out and how that would impact the world at large and the players, some interesting foes themed around the aboleth outside of just skum, and some appropriate magic items for the players to earn and others to remove whole cloth.
Some things I'm already considering,
Removing "normal" elves as a player race for this campaign to be replaced with drow, as I recall the elves abandoned Golarion during the original Starfall events.
Adding (extra) material components on healing magic.

That's about all I have for now, but if anyone has some good advice for an apocolyptic adventure, I'd love to hear them. Thanks

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