Deadeye Bowman and Coordinated Shot?

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So I'm getting ready to play a ranged hunter. One of the teamwork feats I want is Coordinated Shot (there's not too many for ranged characters as it is). Coordinated Shot says that it only works "If your ally with this feat is threatening an opponent and is not providing cover to that opponent against your ranged attacks".

I thought the Deadeye Bowman trait would solve this. As long as there's only 1 creature providing soft cover, the enemy does not get +4 to AC against my ranged attacks. Since the only benefit soft cover provides is that bonus to AC, I figured that would be all I needed, provided I only have have 1 ally between me and my target.

GM disagrees--while it removes the only benefit of soft cover, he says they're still considered to have the cover condition. Which just makes no sense to me. If you're not getting the benefit of cover, then there is, functionally and literally, no cover. You are exactly as exposed with the "cover" as you are without it.

I can take Friendly Fire Maneuvers as a teamwork feat so that my animal companion won't provide soft cover, but obviously that's annoying--have to burn a feat, plus I'll have to depend on shooting over my highly mobile deinonychus and not any of my other party members in a fight.

What do you guys think? Traits are supposed to be half a feat, and Deadeye Bowman seems like half of Friendly Fire Maneuvers. It only works with one weapon to ignore one source of soft cover, while FFM works with as many allies share the feat with whatever weapon you want and also provides bonuses vs reflex-save AoE spells that those allies cast (which is part of why it annoys me--I'm not gonna use any spells like that, so that's half a feat that's irrelevant).

Obviously I'm a little salty over this. My GM does things RAW, so if you guys can provide clarification either way, that would be helpful.

I would look at Improved Precise Shot for this: "Your ranged attacks ignore the AC bonus granted to targets by anything less than total cover".

I would say that since the feat uses the same language of ignoring the bonus rather than removing the condition it should work.

Although it could be argued that Coordinated Shot doesn't work with Improved Precise Shot either so it really is a GM call.

This is a linguistics issue. A person in between you and the target is providing soft cover whether or not you have feats to ignore the AC bonus that soft cover provides. You are correct functionally. Your GM is correct linguistically. Personally, I think the GM is a dick in this case.

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This feat looks pretty weak but I think the cover rules only apply when there is a cover bonus. Even if RAW says ignored cover is still cover, RAI seems to be that this feat works with improved precise shot and it's brother trait.

The Concordance

While the AC bonus is the most obvious benefit of cover, it isn’t the only effect. You can’t take AoOs against creatures with cover, for example.

Anyhow, I think the GM is correct.

Honestly... Why?

Coordinated shot requires point blank shot, it requires you and your ally to have this feat, and requires your ally to be adjacent to your enemy.

Why would someone with point blank shot (a ranged build) be adjacent to an enemy?

Why would a melee build burn two feats to help you (sometimes ) do +1 damage?

I would allow the trait to counter the cover condition, but by absolute RAW, I guess not.

I would just forget the feat, pick a different trait, and a better feat.

@ Thelith

I'm playing a hunter. That means my animal companion will automatically get all the teamwork feats I have, and not need to meet the prerequisites. So it's meant as a feat for a pair of characters, one being ranged and the other melee. And yeah, it's only viable in a minion class like this (or with Leadership + Practiced Leadership).

Also to everyone here, thanks for your input. I'll ask GM about it again, closer to the game starting, but I'll probably leave Coordinated Shot off the list entirely. Which is annoying cuz I could have a +4 to hit if I could get this and Enfilading Fire together... gah, whatever. I'll live. Thanks!

Five foot step to go around to the side of the enemy.

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