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First up, storage!

At the moment, my solution for storing printed gaming maps looks something like a heap of bits of paper and a basket.

On the left of the chair, are a bunch of artist's binders I got from an art supply store, containing a ton of loose laminated paper maps. On the right is a hamper from Target, minus the lid, containing a bunch of rolled up vinyl maps I had printed out.

The binders are awkward to work with, bulky, I have no good place to put them, and it's awkward trying to shuffle through them to find any particular map I happen to need.

The hamper is slightly better, but the effects of gravity means that often the vinyl winds up developing kinks down in the basket where the roll slumps under its own weight.

Neither of these is satisfactory, particularly given that today I acquired these new maps.

Yes, that's 47 distinct vinyl battlemaps ranging in size from 5x8 inches up to 50x30 inches. I might be able to get all of them in the hamper, but the smaller ones would get lost at the bottom and it would rapidly get hard to actually find anything.

Next up, transportation!

I'm going to be running some games at NorWesCon and GenCon this year, and I will need to haul maps along with me. I have to fly to both of those destinations. How should I go about transporting my maps? I'd rather not just fold them up and cram them in my suitcase and hope for the best.

Any suggestions for either of these two things would be welcome!

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