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A couple months? back at a game session we got to discussing what would happen in the hypothetical situation that you let a goblin "soup-up" your starship weapons, and you then rolled a crit miss. Well it just so happened that our GM was chatting with someone at Paizo (Thursty I think) so we got a "fresh from the mind of a developer, even if assuming non-canon" answer: "Whales appear". Now even ignoring the literary reference, this felt right.

But why does it feel right, what is the hitherto-unknown connection between goblins and whales? Are goblins voracious eaters because they seek to emulate the noble whale? Are goblins longing for the sea where they can avoid dogs and horses forever (what are goblin views of seahorses?)

Do our well known fire loving maniacs metamorphosis into whales at some point of their lifecycle? And that's why their obsesses with fire now, because they'll live in water later? Is there an air form and an earth form as well?

And were they aquatic whales or space whales? Or is "whales" the generic terms for goblin starships?

Important questions, that might lead to an understanding of the gap.

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