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Listening to the podcast gives several examples of skill checks, and I'm strongly disliking what I'm seeing. The problems I have with them just from this example are:

1. Which skills one has appears to be subject mostly to background, ancestry, and class, limiting player choice -- I want to be able to grab skills at many points during the course of play.
2. Skill rankings appear to be very much in the 5e style, i.e. based solely on proficiency, level and characteristic, independent of player choice. This is a deeply, deeply unfortunate choice. It was a deal-breaker for me in 5e and it's a deal-breaker here.
3. The above two factors combined mean a far more rigid and far less interesting skill system.

I'm not entirely sure what the point of these changes are and how the devs perceive this to A) eliminate a problem in 1E, or B) constitute a substantive improvement over 1E. I'm hoping a dev could stop by and give some rationale for this, as right now it looks like A) change for the sake of change, and B) an active step toward a less customizable and less interesting skill system.

Thanks for your consideration.

I think they've said there will be a blog post regarding skill tomorrow (Friday). I expect after that we'll be able to have a much more informed discussion.

personally I would like to see a combo between the way pathfinder does skill and the way 5e does skills, pathfinder gives skill points every level I would like them to keep that but abolish the 2+int skill points per level and make it so 4+int is the minimum but also condense the skills down a bit, swimming and climb and the jumping part of acrobatics put into athletics, sense motive put into perception, intimidate, bluff and diplomacy added to make a single social skill, combine some of the knowledge skills together knowledge natures and geography should be one skill, knowledge noble/history and local should be one skill planes and religion should be combined spell craft and knowledge arcana should be one skill, heal and survival should be one skill

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