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Lantern Lodge

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For some players, Pathfinder is a game of tactical RPG combat, where resources must be used carefully to achieve victory. The groups who play like this want robust rules. The question that must be asked about healing in this context, is how are encounters "meant" to challenge players?

Is it
(a) Each encounter should be an extremely hard fight, where death is always on the line and combat is punishing.
(b) Some encounters are extremely hard, but most are intended to only drain some resources to make the final encounters harder.

In (a) you can generally only do a few encounters in a day as you will need to burn resources like mad. In that format healing is more of an in combat tool as the fights are often brutal. These fights can end in TPKs and if every fight is this stressful it can make the game more like work.
In (b) you tend to be able to do more fights, but any way you have to get undercosted healing becomes very valuable. The CL 1 Wand of Cure Light Wounds is disproportionately valuable, extending adventuring time and often trivializing these encounters. Without it though players run out of healing and look to rest more often, which puts GMs in a pickle. Force them to go on and they may fail and usually die or let them rest which means they recover their resources and trivialize a new set of tyoe b encounters.

It's a difficult problem, I look forward to see how 2E handles it.

wraithstrike wrote:

If you get cut with a sword or axe you're not just going to rest it off and heal up in 10 minutes. Immersion is also part of the game, and having everyone effectively have fast healing is not going to work.

"You manage to avoid the majority of the blow, taking only 11 points of damage. You barely notice the paltry damage as your blade slices through your foe. The undead ice dragon sorcerer lies dead at your feet."

"Cool, I spend a few minutes to rest up and heal and then move on."

"You're not just going to rest it off and heal up in 10 minutes. Let's be realistic here."

I use a syringe spear filled with air against an opponent who has Adhesive Blood on. Please tell me the resolution that doesn't break your immersion. Now tell me how that interacts with the Called Shot rules, specifically Eyes.

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