What classes (or class types) do we hope for?

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Silver Crusade

So, we know there are going to be 12 classes. I've searched, but can't find what they are. If I've missed it, please tell me.

Anyway, this is what I'd hope for:

Fighter: a master of arms, armor, and soldiery skills. But... With ample defences against magic, and good combat ability with magical weaponry.

Wild warrior: something of barbarian, ranger, shifter, hunter. Basically a fighter that's close to nature and its magic.

Devout warrior: those who dedicate their weapons to the gods and wield their power.

Wizard: simply the person who masters magic. But I think there should be many forms to choose from. Bookworm spellcaster, someone who deals with shady patrons or outsiders, a master of psychic wizardry, and more.

Natural spellcaster: I'd throw all sorcerer and druid types in here. People who learn magic because it comes to them naturally.

Devout spellcaster: those who follow the Gods and wield their magical power.

Wizard/warrior gish: arcanists and psychics who study magics with combat.

Natural spellcaster / warrior gish: Those who mix natural magics with savage combat.

Devout caster/warrior mix: those who mix divine magics with steely dedication.

Stealthy warrior: something like the rogue/ninja/slayer/ranger/monk. A character who has great physical (and supernatural) skills, but is equally adept at utilising magical items, to trick their way through the world of magic they live in.

Alchemist: a master of material, potions, transmutation, and the elements. Yes, include kineticists here.

Charmer: using either arcane tricks like a bard or psychic tricks like a mesmerist, any character who's a master at influencing others.

So what are your wishes?

Silver Crusade

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The 12 are the existing core classes + Alchemist.qa

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Since we know what the core classes are, I'm gonna post some wishes for things classes can do.

Alchemist - Some sort of Master Chymist option, ideally available from level 1. I cannot stress this enough. The Master Chymist is my absolute favorite prestige class and exemplifies my favorite character archetype. Just having an easy and mechanically sound way to play Dr. Jekyll could sell me on this entire game. I say this without a hint of hyperbole.

Cleric - Options for divine blasting, though ideally in a way that feels different from arcane options. Maybe divine wrath is more of a single-target thing, let arcane blasts be the "to whom it may concern" option.

Druid - Solid support for wild-shape based Druids, ideally an archetype that gives a little more punch to wild shape at the expense of spell casting. That's something we never got in 1E. Not being designed for a specific environment would be cool too. I don't want to have to take an archetype just because I'm a desert nomad and not a more "traditional" forest-bound nature guardian.

Monk - DC based abilities that are worth using, or that can have competitive DCs without having to sacrifice combat ability.

Paladin - Options for other alignments of divine knight. LE tyrant or CG freedom fighter, for example. Also, doing away with the -3 caster level thing.

Ranger - Same as the Paladin and Druid. Get rid of the -3 caster level, and make the base class environment-neutral. This really just applies to woodland stride though.

Sorcerer/Wizard - Competitive damage from blasting without having to use cheesy bloodline combos and metamagic.

Liberty's Edge

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This, this, this. Brew's got all my bases covered. I'd love Druids to match ANY environment, and that archetype could easily be a Shifter expy.
Paladins being different alignment via class is awesome, and the magic they get adds nothing but a second thought for most players. Give them other ways to stick out, as with the Ranger!

Personally I'd like to see the Monk removed from the core and put in a book with Ninja and Samurai, the Asian races, Asian style equipment, etc. (Oriental Adventures?) New players pretty much always seem confused at why there is an Asian style martial arts monk in with the other core classes. The first time you list off the classes and one of them is Monk they pretty much always picture a Gregorian-style monk and are confused. Plus, glancing down the equipment list they see the Asian names weapons and have no idea what they are then wonder what these few clearly Asian named weapons are where the katana and Samurai armor are if they're including things from Asia.

Silver Crusade

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Asian inspired martial style arts monk is a staple of D&D since the 80s, so I don't see any confusion. Matter of fact, if Paizo would replace the Kung Fu Monk with Friar Tuck Monk, you'd see raised eyebrows and shouts of unhapppiness everywhere. It's a classic class that's so deeply ingrained into D&D that removing it would be a major departure from what people expect of the game.

Also, this game is not set in historical Asia, so I honestly don't give a fling about whether husnumngi-kurusarumana is 100% historical accurate, or not.

My wish list for the classes is pretty simple. Make the Paladin 0% like the 1E Paladin and 75% like the 1E Warpriest. There is no reason a holy warrior has to be LG or not use a bad deity's favored weapon.

Can we finally get a Warpist?

Ok little background behind this. When I first got my Advanced class guide I was skimming through it when I saw the Warpist. My first thought was "Whoa what is that? that sounds awesome!" In my mind I was envisioning a battlefield control caster that specialized in teleporting around the battlefield to confuse and out position the enemy as they threw out supporting spells.

So I immediately turned to the page it said the warpist was on and...disappointment as when I reread it it said "War Priest". So Ive been hoping in vain that maybe one day we would get a warpist as an archetype or something

Aside from that I want all the core classes back with pretty much the same mechanics plus those from APG as I felt they were all solid additions to the class roster. Sadly I have yet to play the magus, gunslinger, or any from ACG so I cant say the same about them. There are a few things I would personally change like clerics receiving more divine powers from domiain/god choices and some domain choices feel like they need a some changes (death comes to mind with many of its domain spells being the creation of undead which Pharasma, a death diety, is strictly against)

I also want to see a lot more white necromancy for our various classes that dable in the arcane study of life and death. One thing pathfinder got wrong IMO was focusing to heavily on the death side of Necromancy

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Windcaler wrote:
Can we finally get a Warpist?

Just in case you missed it


I also want to see a lot more white necromancy for our various classes that dable in the arcane study of life and death. One thing pathfinder got wrong IMO was focusing to heavily on the death side of Necromancy

Yeah. Healing spells used to be necromancy. I wish it was back (but I think it won't)

I'm hoping they use this opportunity to completely rebuild the shifter into a true martial master of shapeshifting.

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That we will not have to wait long for P2e kineticist, oracle, psychic, shifter, summoner, swashbuckler, and witch.

Nature classes not restricted from metal. This is my hill, and I'm willing to end up as a poltergeist on it!

Overcomplicated options. Occult Adventures is my core class book nowadays. I'm not interested in losing the ability to make the likes of AM MESMERIST (it's a wonderful tank class if you know what to do with it) or knowing everything except what spells you have.

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