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Normally I make these announcements when I have new books up - in this case, I'm making an announcement as I've finally finished work on the Equipment section of the Starchives!

I've gone through and completely re-coded the way that the site indexes/sorts the various pieces of information in Equipment, and hopefully you find that everything in this section is much easier to navigate as a result. Some of the new features include:

  • Most (if not all) of the main tables in this section can be sorted by clicking on the column header
  • Individual mechanics have a hyperlink on their names which will link back to that specific mechanic - great way to show a rule to someone without making them look through a list (This is something the PF side has in certain areas; with SF, I've made that one of the goals for every aspect of the site to have; In addition, linking a mechanic that's part of a group will return all members of that group, but always sort them so that the specific member you linked is at the top)
  • There are a lot more hyperlinks within the tables/text than on PF
  • best example in this section is the Weapons area, where the Critical Hit and Special Property effects all have hyperlinks to the information on each
  • More "Rules" in general than the PF side has - I aim to replicate all rules-relevant portions of the RPG line to the site by the time I'm finished.

As always, if you find any bugs, send me an email (nethys@archivesofnethys.com) to let me know. Thanks for checking out the site, and I hope you continue to enjoy the Archives of Nethys!

Coming up Next (in order of priority)
Vehicles (Terrestrial & Starship)
Source Page update
New Search engine
Alien Archive and remaining books

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Thank you SO MUCH for your efforts, KK!

So... What are your opinions on PF 2e, KK? Especially after all the work you've put into cataloging 1e?

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There will be another site for PF2e just as there was for PF1e. I'm sure I will enjoy both games :D

I guess once the Pathfinder 1st Edition site is caught up with the last material released, it won't consume much more effort, and the effort freed up can be used for the Pathfinder 2nd Edition site. Still going to be a heroic effort . . . .

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