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With the website revamp, this got lost in the shuffle.

The Starfinder ruleset was released for the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabletop on Feb 9, 2018. It's an add-on priced at full MSRP $59.99 but it offers a $9.99 discount for current PDF owners.

Also available are the Alien Archive at $39.99 ($9.99 discount for PDF owners) complete with tokens, stat and reference modules and Dead Suns 1 through 3 for $22.99 each (only $7 each after PDF discount).

Each add-on includes the entirety of the book in digital reference format usable within Fantasy Grounds' Library (renamed as Data for Starfinder) and all the data preloaded for easy use and automation within Fantasy Grounds.

As Starfinder introduces a number of new features, this ruleset and the content will be undergoing constant development. It supports character sheets and all basic character and DM options necessary for play outside of starship combat (items, spells, weapons, combat, etc.). PC Starships have new updates scheduled for a Tuesday (3/6) release and a much more involved PC starship sheet is in development. Future updates (in development now) will support drag and drop ship building and support for multi-user ship combat tracking for each role on the ship.

The entire interface has been customized with a unique skin for Starfinder that really embodies the look and feel of the game.

There are dedicated forums set up for Starfinder game organization, bug fixes and general discussion as well.

Liberty's Edge

I think this is potentially alright, just a crapton of money on top of already owning the core rules while the Pathfinder ruleset is still free? Will this change some time in the future because I couldn't see shelling out $50 additionally after already putting so much out for the book already. It's things like this that are off-putting on buying into "premium" VTT support.

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