Leadership: experts vs. commoners


So recently a posted about what cohort i should take when i get the feat. (Face ranger wins). but looking at followers I've come across a conflict. Is there any reason to take commoner over expert for my skill based followers? it seems like experts would be better since they have more health and can wield stronger weapons. thoughts?

Assuming your GM is allowing you to hand pick your followers, then no, there is no reason to choose commoners over experts.

However, since the leadership feat does not specify who gets to choose and/or control cohorts and followers, I would double check with your GM before making any decisions.

If you already have had a talk with your GM, and they are allowing you to hand-craft everything, then go wild.

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Well, when you have commoners, you feel less guilty for using them as disposable meatshields/blood sacrifices since they aren't even good skill monkeys.

Why NPC classes? That limit isn't in the rules. And the PC gets to pick everything else from their feats and class features, or it is spelled out when they don't. Why would leadership be the exception?

Shadow Lodge

typically they're a random selection of characters of a random selection of classes
just keep your spellcastes as safe as possible, and kick out anyone who can't spellcast/use swords and armor effectively/make something useful/do sneaky things

those people who can do none of those are commoners

eventually you'll have a decent number of spellcasters, and your other followers will at least not be dead weight

if you are playing an evil character, take the dead weight characters (those in any NPC class other than warrior or adept that doesn't make things) and send them out on the front line where they will die and be replaced with (eventually) more competent people
if you have any followers with second and third level spell slots, they can raise those weaklings as skeletons

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